Coordinating skills to maintain daily records such as balance of closing register, bank deposits, food usage, and food production sheets. Active Listening - Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times. Completion of provided training program. purchasing cost at a minimum. Restaurant Resume Skills Examples; Food Service Skills for a Resume. Washed dishes as needed and sweep and mop floors and needed. Performed food service and dietary aid duties, preparing and serving food and beverages with high health and sanitation standards. Provided excellent customer service, operated cash registers, prepared food and refilled lobby items as necessary. Typed in all food and drink orders in a fast paced environment via cash register and pay out customers. Followed all food safety and sanitation guidelines and maintained a clean and sanitary work space. Assisted in tray line and delivered patients food for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Ensured that meals met guidelines, such as those for special diets and numbers of portions to be served. Ensured everyone followed proper sanitation guidelines and adhered to all safety regulations. Served food Handled money Operated a cash register Operated an industrial dishwasher Completed daily bank deposits, Conducted in a positive working environment Adapted to schedule changes as needed Customer service. Cleaned and sanitized cooking utensils Cooked and prepared food Served food to Children. The food service worker is an essential member of the long-term care interdisciplinary team, delivering quality nutrition care and service in a health-care environment. Maintained kitchen work areas, equipment and utensils according to sanitation guidelines and standards. Fast food workers cook food, serve customers and perform general cleaning duties in restaurants that offer fast food or take out options. Conducted daily inspections and maintained food sanitation and kitchen equipment. Executed and performed duties such as opening main kitchen, doors, unlocking all storage areas, and security. Ability to understand and follow safety procedures. Scrubbed and polished counters, steam tables, and other equipment, and clean glasses, dishes, and fountain equipment. Cleaned and sterilized dishes,kitchen utensils,equipment,and facility. Cleaned all work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes and silverware and ensured proper storage in accordance to state laws. Cleaning Tables. Operated kitchen equipment used in quantity food preparation. Maintained great attendance Maintained sanitation standards throughout dining facility. Stocked kitchen and maintained proper storage to keep food fresh. Guaranteed quality assurance when preparing and displaying entrees to all customers on a daily basis by following all sanitation guidelines. Maintained proper water temperatures and detergent levels in dishwasher. Customer Service. Handled and interacted all customer complaints, inquiries, and compliments. Prepared food, served ice cream, catered events, and operated cash register. Prepared and coordinated food ingredients for sandwiches and baked bread. Represented the dietary department to hospital patients and hospital staff and gained experience in food service and hospital practices. Cleaned and sanitized dishes, flatware, trays, cups, and glasses and cooking utensils. Specialized in preparing fancy dishes and/or food for special diets. Performed a variety of food preparation duties according to customer orders/ or supervisory instructions. Displayed flexibility in learning multiple positions and executing them accurately. Weighed and measured foods for special diets, loaded and unloaded food carriers. Operated kitchen equipment including, graters, slicers, knives, ovens, steamers, food warmers, and tilting skillets. Organized food products to promote visually appealing environment. Operated cash register and provided quality customer service. Fast Food Workers serve customers in dining establishments and may also be responsible for preparing food. View Food Service Worker Jobs Hire a Food Service Worker. Ensured sanitation guidelines and regulations were achieved. Scrubbed and polished counters, steam tables and other equipment. Trained newly hired food service representatives. Maintained proper storage of food according to health department guidelines. Performed refunds and compromised with customer complaints. Engaged in social conversation with residents whenever possible. Delivered and presented patient meals throughout hospital in a safe and timely manner to ensuremaximum food quality. Prepped sides as needed such as salads, mashed potatoes gravy, made ice tea, ice cream as needed. Common work activities for this job are preparing coffee, operating cooking equipment, maintaining the restaurant clean and organized, ordering supplies, and disposing of waste. Unloaded shipments of food and restaurant supplies from trucks and placed them in correct storage areas and freezers. Prepared and delivered patient meals with exceptional patient care while gaining self and time management skills. Processed customer orders accordingly Assisted customers with food and drink orders and prepared them. Fulfilled customer's orders in a friendly, exact, timely fashion. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Food Service Worker resumes they appeared on. Prepared patient meals according to diet plan set up by dietitian. Managed all work satisfactorily in a fast paced hospital/food service environment with minimal supervision. Engaged in preparing soda fountain serving ice cream, making sodas and sundaes, and preparing other fountain confections. Served meals to the hospital patients on each floor. Summary : Over 11 years of experience, including as a Food Production Worker, as a Dock Worker and as an Apprentice Carpenter in industries including Wholesale Trade-Non- Durable Goods, Food and Kindred Products. Skills : Customer Service Skills, Management Experience, Cashiering,. Delivered food trays to patient rooms and cleared dirty trays. Worked as strategic partner to carry out the corporate objectives relating to supplying and delivery a high quality food product. Followed proper safety and sanitation standards. No formal training or certification is required to become a fast food worker. Weighed or measured ingredients for salads, molded fruit salads, vegetable salads and cupboards, and other storage areas. Maintained safety standards and provided exceptional customer service to military personnel. High School Diploma, GED, or suitable equivalent. Worked at taco bell so I know how to deal with customers and have a good positive attitude. Food service workers are responsible for receiving, transporting, storage, and inventory of all departmental supplies, including food items as well as cleaning and maintaining sanitary conditions in all Food Service areas. Handled high-volume preperation and food distribution for the prison. Served food from steam tables for general public. They may also assist in the preparation and service of food. Restocked inventory items in proper storage room. Ensured compliance with restaurant procedures; practiced sanitation measures, provided a safe environment for both customers and employees. Prepared food for patients deliver trays to patients rooms also wash food carts work tray line. Followed proper sanitation and safety procedures and techniques. Practiced correct safety and sanitation practices and worked with a variety of food products. Operated packing machine, food preparation, cleaned machinery and equipment, Ensured cleanliness and operational readiness of food preparation and bar facilities. Demonstrate the ability to effectively complete tasks and work independently as well as in a team environment. Used and cleaned a variety of cooking utensils to measure, weigh, and process food items. What Are the Core Courses of a Food Management Degree? Sustained great customer satisfaction by showing politeness and good communication skills. Maintained a clean kitchen environment consistent with all licensing regulations. Followed guidelines on portion control and food preparation, unloading and storing away all procurement in the appropriate cooler and refrigerator. Maintained and sanitized equipment, food preparation areas and cafeteria tables. Prepped meal services for a capacity of 1,000 individuals inclusive of vegetarian, diabetic, and kosher diets. Entrusted with accurately completing complex customer orders in a timely matter. Complied with portion control measures and greeted customers in a friendly and courteous manner when working on the serving line. These skills and requirements are just as likely to be mentioned by employers as well as on resumes of people that held a job as a Food Service Worker, suggesting that having these keywords on a resume are important for success as a Food Service Worker. Maintained a clean kitchen work environment. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Food Service Worker resumes they appeared on. Communicated and provided superior customer service while working in a fast paced environment. Placed food trays over warmers for immediate service, or stored them in refrigerated storage cabinets. Importance. Prepared food items as assigned according to standardized recipes, food preparation guidelines and sanitation standards. Cooked and prepared batches of food; maintained sanitation, health, and safety standards in work areas. Prepared hot and cold food items for sale. Dedicated and hardworking employee with excellent communication and organizational skills. Supervised and checked the assembly of regular and special diet trays and the delivery of food trolleys to hospital patients. Removed soiled trays from patient rooms and returned them to the kitchen for dish washing. Demonstrated strong teamwork and multitasking abilities. Maintained health and safety standards at all times while handling food and performing job duties. Prepared a variety of foods and meals according to menus, diet plans, supervisor instruction, and customer orders. It predicts a rise of 14% in employment for fast food workers between 2018 and 2028. Prepared and serve varies cold food items in cafeteria Follow protocol of workstation. Weighed and packaged customer orders and ensured satisfaction with orders. Received deliveries and stored produce and kept FIFO in all storage areas. Provided customer service to the public in accordance with food safety & sanitation guidelines. Food service managers, especially those who run their own restaurant, must understand all aspects of the restaurant business. Assisted in the training of new employees to include proper work methods, storage and use of cooking utensils. Knowledge of supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control. Served children’s birthday parties. The Food Service Worker program at Sault College provides the student with the knowledge and skills to be an effective member of a food service team. That's a median salary of $20,180 per year. Prepared trays for hospital patients, stocked work area and tray line. Versatile skills set with experience in retail, customer service, and office support. The rail transportation and federal executive industries were among the most lucrative for fast food workers - they earned $23.43 and $15.87 per hour, respectively. Provided assistance about menu items to customers. Maintained cleanliness of kitchen, dining area, and food line. Operated cash register to input customer orders, swipe credit cards, and enter cash amounts received. Promoted to supervisory position ahead of peers. Sliced meats and kept food trays stocked by carrying food from kitchen to buffet trays. Developed and implemented a Food Safety Training Program for HACCP principles. Prepared quality food according to a planned menu. Delivered food to the Veterans in a timely fashion. Provided food preparation for elderly residents. Maintained production and quality service to all patients and clean kitchen as well as train new employees. * Cleaned the kitchen equipment and appliances. Operated tray line machine according to manufacture guidelines. Provided on-the-job training to airmen in food service operations and safety procedures. Participated in restaurant menu development and the daily production and service of all menu items. Served students incorporating portion control measures established in existing standards/instructions. Speaking - Talking to others to convey information effectively. Prepared and assisted in the preparation of a variety of foods in accordance with food and safety standards. floors and steam tables. Operated and maintained cleaning equipment and tools, including the dishwasher, hand wash stations, pot-scrubbing station and trash compactor. Entered orders input the computer and processed cash, debit, and credit card transactions. Ability to read and write. Cash register Delivered food carts to resident meal service location areas. Health and Food Inspector Certificate and Training Programs, Food Technologist Training and Degree Programs, Food Service Management Bachelor's Degree, Best Online Bachelor's in Media Communication Degree Programs, Best Bachelor's in Business Management Degrees Online, Network and Communications Management Associate's Degree. Received cash, checks and complete credit card transactions from customers and employees using register. Maintained the cleanliness of the kitchen and kitchen equipment by performing the weekly and daily cleaning according to schedule. Prepared various food products and interacted with customers - Cleaned and maintained restaurant and appliances. Ability to safely use cleaning equipment and supplies. Washed dishes, pans, and sanitized cooking utensils. Interacted with customers on the food line while preparing to-order food. clean kitchen and re-stock items, Prepared meals for elementary school (breakfast and lunch) Clean Kitchen Maintain sanitation Languages Spanish, Prepared food Assembled and arranged equipment, food and patient meals. You may be responsible for fifteen tables at once. Followed procedures for setting up hot and cold food lines, choosing proper utensils and dishes. Observed proper food safety procedures in serving and storing food. Washed dishes using a commercial dish machine, cleaned dish room and dining areas during meal service.