The Tarvisio Forest, set in all the valleys just mentioned with a 24'000 hectares area, is the biggest Italian forest, precious for its wide and full wood and fauna system. A big left turn point out to be close to Moggio Udinese town: there you turn right, passing along a bridge over Fella River and joining Moggio Basso village, departure of the two days track Moggio Udinese - Vualt Cabin. Can I ride the Alpe-Adria-Trail by mountain bike too? Every month a leader board will be created among all that will compete in race mode. Difficulty: family cycling on quiet gravel and asphalt roads. Mit dem Mountainbike über geschichtsträchtige Pfade von den Alpen bis ans Meer. Most of the ascent between the villages of Kamno and Krn runs on a well-maintained asphalt road. You cross the river again, returning to the East valley side and entering the Carnia village. The descent proceeds over Chiusaforte town, passing over the - accessible from the path - Villanova water source. Kenya on MTB with Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill and Gerhard Czerner - Duration: ... Alpe Adria Trail / Soča Valley / Bovec / Kobarid / Most na Soči - Duration: 2:21. The ticket purchase is on board the train. ⚫ Villach – Tarvisio: ↑ 250 m; → 35 km; 2:30 hh:mm; More information on the Micotra website, such as the time and price documents. So, the total track time is 6:15 hh:mm. Price 11.00€ + 3.50€ Cycling region Alpe Adria and crossborder circular cycling route through alpine Soča Valley and wine-producing Colli Orientali del Friuli You can compete in race mode or just do it in non-competitive mode, and just enjoy in nature while doing your personal challenge. In the valley, it reaches a well-maintained forest road, which is mostly gravel, but also has a few asphalt sections. Lars Thore Aarrestad 373,026 views. Het niveau van de etappes wisselt: van relaxt en ontspannen tot behoorlijke klimpartijen: er is voor ieder wat wils. Saint-Luc, Zwitserland. This Giulie Alps area is the unavoidable ConTOUR FVG part, traveled in the fourth stage and fifth stage. The new route first follows the Soča River and climbs below Mt. In a few hundred of meters you cross the main city square and join the Drava River, which you will bike alongside up to its junction with Gail River. The track is about 104 km long. In the village of Gabrje, the route turns away from the river and bites into the first steep, but short ascent. De wandeltocht loopt door Oostenrijk, Italië en Slovenië: … This fantastic multi-country hiking route weaves it way through some of central Europe’s most spectacular scenery, with very few tourists to boot. Por favor, utiliza un navegador compatible para poder ver la información de tu evento. Documentatie, hotels, vervoer van de bagage, etc. Register on a legendary MTB Soča Outdoor Festival Challenge. Alpe-Adria-Trail je čezmejna daljinska pohodniška pot, ki vodi skozi Avstrijo, Italijo in Slovenijo. ⚫ Villach Hbf – Main train station, Bahnhofplatz. You pass across the town center and reach after the highway. The track is quite all on bike path, the remaining part is along high quality dirt roads and short steps on tarmac roads, always wide and good also for biking. Register on a legendary MTB Soča Outdoor Festival Challenge. Loading ... Alpe-Adria-Trail Reportage mit Petra Albenberger - Duration: 3:34. So far, over 620 runners from Slovenia and abroad have taken part in all our challenges - a really nice achievement! One of the small uphills with middle slope. The gravel road, which is surrounded by green meadows and stunning views of nearby peaks, first takes us to a road junction at the village of Gabrje, where we can decide on a shorter or longer version of the route. For this reason the track can be split into different stages with different arrivals: Jôf di Montasio Mount, the main Giulie Alps peak. The route is made up of well-groomed gravel paths and quiet asphalt roads. Alpe Adria bike path from Villach to Gemona trail movie. Rio Pietraforata waterfall, quite in the middle of Dogna and Chiusaforte villages step. Medrje across Mt. Wanderurlaub entlang des Alpe-Adria-Trails auf insgesamt 43 Etappen, die Sie in die Regionen Kärnten, Slowenien & Friaul Julisch Venetien führen Suggestie: - actief aanbieden electronische versie van de route, die je kunt laden in Strava, of andere App op je i-phone. An incoming another small ramp, begin of the last trail descent, which turns around the West Cumieli Mount side. LaÅ¡ka seč, Črča, Zagrmuč and Javorca, all the way to Mt. At a 180 degree turn you leave the bike path, passing to the tarmac road and going on straight and in plain, arriving soon to Gemona train station, end of the trail. Der Alpe-Adria-Trail verbindet die drei Regionen Kärnten, Slowenien und Friaul Julisch Venetien auf insgesamt 43 Etappen und circa 750 km. ⚫ Tarvisio – Pontebba: ↓ 190 m; → 26 km; 1:30 hh:mm; 4. At the church of St. Peter, which is located at the entrance to the Triglav National Park, the route turns left towards Tolmin and then to the Tolminka River. Even if there are usually a certain number of cars on it, the road is so wide that there are no problems for bikers. The low technical and physical effort let it be suitable for everybody. Going out from the town you return to the bike path, recently opened. Its East side is reached by the hard dirt road uphill contained by the two days track: Remanzacco - Tanamea Pass - Venzonassa Valley. Distance: 42km Elevation: 1500m +/- Difficulty: marathon (XC) Average time: 5h, Distance: 23km Elevation: 400m +/- Difficulty: family cycling on quiet gravel and asphalt roads Average time: 3h, Distance: 13km Elevation: 200m +/- Difficulty: family cycling on quiet gravel and asphalt roads Average time: 1h. Not to be missed, the view to Jôf di Montasio Mount from the bridge upon Dogna village. Quite all in the woods belong the rivers. Die ersten 9 Etappen führen durch den Nationalpark Hohe … Another time on the highway, exiting soon to get into the historical Venzone town. Between the festival venue in Tolmin and the village of Kamno in the valley, the route runs almost entirely on gravel paths and cart tracks along the Soča River. Mt.Kilimanjaro & Mt. Just a few hundreds of meters along the main road - always wide and comfortable also for bikers. ‼️ Pri Alpe Adria Trail Cup smo izjemno ponosni na še en super odziv z vaše strani! All rights reserved 2014 | 2020 | All material by MTB Friuli ACSD | Source: TEMPLATED | Privacy Policy: GDPR, Bartolo Valley - Feistritz a.d. Gail - Acomizza Mount, Rivoli Bianchi - Ungarina Hut - Venzonassa Valley, Remanzacco - Tanamea Pass - Venzonassa Valley. This area is really fine for mountain bike: at Tarvisio town starts the all mountain track Tarvisio - Fusine Lakes - Zacchi Cabin. You proceed quite in plain in the wood up to Rivoli Bianchi - extraordinary landscape point toward Ledis Saddle, begin of the Rivoli Bianchi - Ungarina Hut - Venzonassa Valley descent adventure. You will stay into the woods, where you can see in any case the high Alps peaks, such as the Mangart Mount group, and the Slizza Stream, the unique Italian Danube tributary. The last part of the route follows the river all the way to the marathon starting point at the confluence of Soča and Tolminka. Going on toward Camporosso town there are some other uphills, but all with really low slope: the bike path was done on an old railway. Landscape from the bridge upon Dogna village. As you might guess, this page's track is not a ring: departure and arrival are in different locations. A: Unfortunately not! You arrive fast to Gemona del Friuli town with the Cuarnan Mount upon it, traveled by the trail Gemona - Cuarnan Hut - Foredôr Saddle. A landscape, tunnels, railway bridges sequence gives you a nice view to the river below. You can compete in race mode or just do it in non-competitive mode, and just enjoy in nature while doing your personal challenge. It is a great opportunity for the family members and friends of the participants on the various festival competitions, who want to make the most of their time in the Soča Valley. On your track take some photos/videos and tag us on social media; @alpeadriatrailcup, @socaoutdoor, @socavalley, 8. Saint-Luc is een bergdorp in het district Sierre in het Zwitserse kanton Wallis. La Ciclovia Alpe Adria attraversa le Alpi percorrendo in parte vecchi tracciati ferroviari e diversi tunnel. This view is just better from the locations reached during the two days trail Dogna - Agar Mount - Bielìga Saddle. De Alpe Adria Trail is een wandelroute door Oostenrijk, Italië en Slovenië die uit 43 etappes bestaat. On the bridge close to Chiusaforte village. Close to the end of the Austria trail's part you will see the highway passage. Wir stellen euch die Höhepunkte der Teilstrecken vor! The time associated to the stages are supposed assuming an average speed of 10-15 km/h for the whole time, without breaks. A short section of this path is very narrow and competitors need to dismount their bikes here. En de lokale trein vanuit Udine en Trieste stopt er een paar keer per dag. The 3.50€ supplement is related to the bike and it's all day long. Download GPX and import it on your watch/smartphone, 6. De alpe-adria fietstocht voldeed volledig aan onze verachtingen. Der Erste Weltkrieg liegt bereits 100 Jahre zurück, seine Spuren sind entlang der Frontlinie immer noch sichtbar. The trail facility, location, the crossed and passed by towns number let this track be feasible during spring, summer and autumn. Alpe Adria Radweg: Salzburg-Adriatische Zee - 403 km 8e druk 2020- Duitstalig Een prachtige doorsteek van het oostenrijkse Salzburg naar Grado vlak bij Venetië aan de Adriatische zee. Met ruim 40 etappes kun je er naar eigen wens en tijd een paar uitkiezen en combineren. In a few kilometers you arrive to Resiutta village, that has some eateries and is the end of the first part along Alpe Adria, updated at May 15th, 2016. Dabei strampelst du schweißtreibende Höhenmeter nach oben und genießt spaßige Abfahrten auf flowigen Trails. Participants must adhere to road traffic regulations. De Alpe Adria Trail is een volledig bewegwijzerde, afwisselende wandelroute met 43 etappes door 3 Alpenlanden: Oostenrijk, Italië en Slovenië. Also a general board will present all-time runners that ever won the monthly challenge of  MTB SOF.