This looks delicious! Have a question? Last question, is there any way to tell if the kimchi we’ve made has bad bacteria in it? That will determine how much red chili flake you put in your sauce. Completely addicted and almost finished the whole jar already. My question is if it doesn’t appear to have enough liquid and looks a little dry and pasty should I add a little salt water or something? Roughly chop the cabbage, and submerge it in the brine for at least 5 hours, up to 24 hours. I salted each time I flipped, and the cabbage seems extremely salty, even after excessive rinsing. Nope, this stuff is deeee-lish. Does it stop fermenting once you put it in the fridge? You need to let the salt work its magic for that long and soften the cabbage. I had one batch that tasted perfect on the counter but then after continuing to slowly ferment in the fridge it ended up a little too sour for my taste. At this time, your cabbage should be ready to flip. We find that it makes the process of rinsing off the excess salt more streamlined, but either way should work! Hi Dana! Right? How to Use Vegan Kimchi One of my favorite ways to use kimchi is to brown some 1 inch cubes of chicken breast with sesame oil and soy sauce and then add about 2 cups of kimchi. I should have started with ketchup. I fermented 3 days and saw a lot of activity in the jars and had to push down the kimchi to get air bubbles out as it was over flowing. I’ve also used different style cabbages, all great. Hello, i really love this recipe! Kimchi is a brave endeavor – not a fan!! Cut The Cabbage. But in my experience it’s best to refrigerate. But my podunk town lacked fish sauce and fish sauce creeps me out. … I am refrigerating one jar and experimenting with the other two jars by letting them ferment a little longer. Xo. Thanks in advance and thank you for sharing this recipe with us! Thanks so much for sharing! 2) I have a sensitive digestion tract (gasp) and am currently on the GAPS diet after a very terribly scary awful event. Cook the rice according to package directions. We recommend loosely covering. Thanks for this! In a large mixing bowl, pour kimchi paste, gochugaru (Korean red pepper … Thanks so much for the lovely review! If you leave some room (~1 inch) at the top, there shouldn’t be an issue. After 2 1/2 days fermenting I have transferred the jars to the refrigerator. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Meryl! Give cabbage a good mix every now and then. Smells amazing and looks excellent. Just want to make sure I put it in the fridge now that it’s been in the cupboard for the last two days. I like the thought of using an apple, but if you’re in a pinch without an apple in sight, use 2 teaspoons of organic pure cane sugar, coconut sugar or sugar in the raw – just the purest sugar you can find. I’ve not tried canning this but I think it would work! What can I substitute for coconut sugar and pineapple juice? You can add a little water to cover, but otherwise, just keep pushing down and monitoring! Mix in the sugar and gochugaru, starting with 1 tablespoon for a mild flavor and up to 5 tablespoons to make it spicier. Place cabbage back in large bowl, combine with the scallions, apple/onion mixture and chili paste. 1. people only eat freshly made one Our guess is that it won’t have the same flavor, but might still be okay. Ok, this is going on my nag-myself-to-do list. The process of making homemade vegan kimchi. In the bowl the cabbage was soaked in, add the cabbage, green onions, puree, and gochugaru, mixing well to coat. If you give this recipe a try, let us know! You’ll know it’s gone bad if mold has formed or the smell is sour or unpleasant. Let me start by saying my daughter and I LOVE kimchi… My husband not so much. You may notice it bubbling, this is perfectly normal as the kimchi is fermenting. Instructions and photos were super helpful. If it smells pleasant to the nose and tangy, like the kimchi you’re used to trying, it’s probably ready to transfer to the refrigerator. We love it in this Bibimbap: Is that correct? I reviewed this recipe but I forgot to rate it! While cabbage is soaking, combine apple, onion, ginger and garlic in food processor/blender and process until fairly smooth. We used fermenting lids and glass weights to push down the kimchi. It tastes perfect! Let soak for 2 hours, up to 12 if you like. Here is how to pack and start the fermentation process: With its spicy, pungent flavor and versatility, kimchi is an addiction for me and keeps me coming back for more. I’m gearing up now to make another huge batch of this to send to some loved ones. Hi, is it possible to substitute demerara brown sugar instead of the coconut sugar? I’m hoping it gets better in the fridge…maybe next time I’ll be brave and let it ferment on the counter! And many happy returns of the day to John. I made it using pink napa cabbage and piri piri chillies and it’s worked really well. It’s quite a therapeutic process, which can happen in the background while you do other things.